Block Works in Bangalore

Like all civil construction works, Block works in Bangalore or anywhere plays very important role in construction industry as well as society and in public life.
This Block works for buildings of any category whether it is new, existing or under construction, has to be tackled carefully by utilizing complete engineering knowledge, field experience, usage of quality materials and by reliable professional agency, contractor or team of people.
While doing work, close observation is required for all part of work including minute details and see that no deviations, damaged blocks, cracks appeared in any part of wall and building.

All these above points and even more will be carried out by our company called My Home My Design have an expert team that handle all construction works including Block works  in Bangalore or anywhere.

These quality standards of Block works in Bangalore or anywhere should follow the procedure for all new construction works like checks before starting block work, Hacking, preparation works, Mortar mix, mortar joints, RCC band, electrical groove cutting, quality inspection etc., explained in detail with suitable photos and videos in this WEBSITE.

Glimpses of  Block works :

  • By professional Civil Engineering contractors, team of engineers, supervisors, skilled workers as per IS codes and specifications with all Quality standards.
  • Prompt and reliable construction services.
  • Team of quality material suppliers, quality blocks, including test certificates.
  • Best and reasonable services, for all types of buildings, apartments, commercial complexes etc.
  • Usage of correct tools, equipment, latest ideas and technologies to addressing all kinds of block works irrespective of quantum of work.

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