Work Procedure for PCC (Plain Cement Concrete)

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 Earthwork excavation for PCC :

  • Check all  Earth work excavation for trenches, footings, underground tanks, retaining walls, lift walls etc. exactly to match the required dimensions specified in structural drawings.
  • Check the bottom level before starting  concrete works.
  • Keep ready all tools and materials required for PCC. If required, use shuttering otherwise concrete to be done for full width of excavation.
  • Take necessary precautions and safety measures, while removing loose earth, filled earth, and slushy soil in order to avoid sudden collapse of huge earth.
  • Safety supervisors must monitoring these activities of removing earth, filling in pans, taking out from excavation area and stacking in safe location.
  • Remove all loose earth from foundation pits before placing of PCC.
  • Take care to sprinkle water and ram in foundation pit before placing concrete.

Segregation of Concrete : 

  • Care should be taken while using RMC directly into the excavation pit, Check height off fall of concrete into the pit.
  • Height should not be more than 1 m. For deeper footings, use chute of longer length and adjust the height, so that the concrete falling into the pit is within 1 m depth. By this we can control segregation of concrete

Compaction, levelling and finishing :

  • Compaction of PCC. should be properly done to get smooth even levelling course and finishing.
  • Loose coarse aggregate can be picked up from the surface.
  • Finally check the top level of concrete with Dumpy level.
  • While doing Concrete works for inside building and for floor PCC, the earth surface should be well compacted, in such a way that it satisfy the compact test results (By achieving 95% of Proctor density with respect to the natural soil).
  • Anti-termite treatment to be done as per specifications and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Giving Broom finishing for top surface of Concrete is highly advisable for good bondage for further works like footing concrete, retaining wall concreting or CM for flooring works.
  • Calibrated instruments : Measuring tape and levelling instruments
  • Records : Measurement book, Pour card.

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