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Door fixing - Doors And Windows

How to Install - Doors & Windows

Door fixing : How to fix a Door?

The very purpose of this method statement is to provide complete guide lines for the installation of doors or door fixing as per IS standards and specifications (IS 4021: 1995)

Plumb bob, Hammer drill, drilling machine, line thread, aluminium straight edge, Chisel, Screw driver machine, Hammer, Planer, foam gun, spirit level, screw driver set, assorted drill bits, polyurethane foam, Lacquer Glue, Plywood Inner Frame, mechanical wood saw, rubber hammer, temporary wedges, cutting blade, C clamps, masking tape

Door fixing Procedure : PPE’S :

All the personnel involved in the work must be provided with necessary Personnel protective equipment (PPE) like safety shoes, hand gloves, nose masks, helmets, safety belts and ensure that, they worn the same during the activity.

Handling and stacking of door frames  and shutters :

These are very important, utmost care should be taken, during unloading, carrying and stacking in order to avoid dragging one door over the other, results in damage over decorative surfaces and edges. Stack the material along with crates itself and can be removed while door fixing with frame, shutters in position.

The installation work :

consists of fixing of three modules namely Door Frames, Architraves and Shutters.

How to fix a door frame ?

  • Generally, door Frame fixing is done in the methods like Hold fast system, Anchoring system, and Foam cum anchoring system
  • Door fixing should be done in such a way that the frame binds well with the wall.
  • The door frame should be fixed accurately with plumb so that, the shutters to be closed smoothly without any force.
  • Make sure that the door frame is fixed only after all civil works including flooring works, and gap between wall and sub frame is duly filled with cement mortar.
  • Architrave fixing is to be done, only after completion of first coat of wall painting.
  • A reputed brand of Ply wood 12 mm thick can be used as a sub frame if required. Aluminium templates also can be used for all doors, windows and ventilator openings. Alternatively all door opening jams to be neatly finished with respect to line, level and plumb as per the drawing opening sizes with extra 10 mm all round to facilitate polyurethane foam filling.
  • Fix the inner frame in position. Use temporary wedge for frame and wall, check the plumb and tighten the wedges.
  • After fixing the frame, ensure the plumb, level and alignment, then fill the gaps with polyurethane foam in sufficient quantity for permanent fixing without disturbing the door frame.
  • Allow the foam for 2 hours to set or hardened.
  • Remove the excess foam by using cutting blade for the door surface after the foam fully hardened.
  • Fix the architrave by using lacquer Glue, over the frame and check if any gaps are there, then give gentle sanding to attain a final smooth finished surface.
  • Tighten the architrave with frame using C- Clamps and allow the architraves to set for 2 hours.

Finishing works :

  • The colour of the shutter, architrave and door frame all match to give a uniform look
  • Inside the frame, fix the shutters with hinges using screws and all necessary door accessories including door handles, locks, tower bolts, door stopper, magnetic catcher etc.
  • Neatly cover the door handle with foam and cover the door shutter using polythene sheets with masking tape before the commencement of second coat painting.
  • The application of sealant is the final activity after door fixing but before handing over to the client, done by specialized people only.

How to fix a Sliding door?

  • The procedure for fixing sliding door is exactly similar to the above, but the difference is two vertical frames will not be there.
  • In addition, the horizontal top and bottom frames (some times, bottom frames absent) are extended over wall surface to the full width of door shutter over wall surface.


  • Check the Entire Doorfixing with frame including Architrave, accessories and shutters for line, level and plumb using line thread, spirit levels, right angle and plumb bob.
  • Colour uniformity of the Door frame, Architrave and door shutters must be similar and matching to each other.
  • The Door shutter should close without nudging and a uniform gap should visible between the shutter and door frame.
    • Ensure horizontal and vertical gap between the door frame and plastered wall should be filled with silicone sealant.
  • Ensure the verticals of door frames are fixed, minimum 50 mm below finished floor level.
  • Use Z shaped Strong MS Holdfasts 3 No. on each side of door frame and 2 No. on each side of window frame to be fixed before being placed in its position. The pockets of hold fasts to be filled with M20 grade of concrete using tight plank shuttering.
  • All door, window and ventilator frame sides coming in contact with block work, brick work or concrete needs to be painted with reputed brand primer before fixing in its position.
  • Horizontal patti or supporting bottom spacer patti for doors to be remain intact, without disturbing or removing, minimum one week after door frame fixing, otherwise, the inner frame width at bottom will not be the same as its top width.
Door shutters in crates
Stacking of door shutters and accessories in crates
Door shutter fixing done and glass panel is covered using masking tape
Door fixing windows including frames, after final finishing of it's respective
Pre-laminated doorfixing with frame and architrave
Internal doorfixing made with teak and rose wood finishing
Front doorfixing with just single coat polishing

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