Exterior Paints – Painting works – Part 2

Exterior Paints – Painting works – Part 2

Work Procedure for Exterior Paints

Exterior primer : 

  • The wall for which painting to be done, should be thoroughly scrapped with sand paper before painting.
  • The application of painting is done using sprayer or by hard brushes for external application.

First Coat & Second Coat : 

  • Firstly, one stroke of brush or roller starting from downwards is applied and then another from bottom upwards over the first one.
  • Likewise one stroke from right and other from the left over the left, before the first one dries. By doing this  brush marks can be avoid.
  •  Crack fill : After the application of first coat, the cracks and holes appeared on wall surface, is to be filled with crack fill paste.
  • Two coats of applications are required over the plastered surface.
  • Second coat application should be done only after completion of first coat by at least 10 hours.
  • Curing is required for walls for a at least a period of 1 day.

Colour Wash : 

  • If colour wash is required for wall surface, minimum 2 – 3 coats of colour wash is required  to get uniform shade.
  • If Cement paint is used as an exterior paints application, the wall surface is first watered thoroughly and is allowed to drain off before its application.
  • Paint application is carried over by brush or by roller in criss-cross direction until uniform colour shade is obtained.
  • Second coat application should be done only after completion of first coat by at least 24 hours.
  • Curing : Curing is required for cement paint walls for a period of 3 – 4 days.

Exterior paints : 

  • Paints should always be kept ready in stock and  confirmed with the recommended and approved brand of paint required to be used at site.
  • The procedure is similar to cement paint as mentioned above.
  • Apply primer coat as per specification or as per reputed brand manufacture’s instruction.
  • Exterior paints of 2nd and 3rd coat is applied over 1st coat does not require any moist curing.
  • Durability : The characteristics and advantages of using these paints are thicker coating, greater opacity, more durablility, nonfading, high degree of flexibility and strong adhesive properties.
  • Hence it is recommended to go for color combination and mixing of shades, which produces in-between colour shades.



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