Project Quality Consultant-Quality Auditing

Project Quality Consultant-Quality Auditing

Project Quality Consultant

  •  Sri N. Srinivasa is a professional Civil Engineer having 27+ years of experience meeting the excellence level through construction project management.
  • He has completed PMC, is a member of Institute of Engineers and registered Engineer in BBMP.
  • He worked with many reputed Builders, Contractors and MNC’s and his own Construction Company.
  • Career :   started his career from Site Engineer and gradually rose to the position of GM, Quality Head, Project Quality Consultant and Managing Partner in the said company.
  • Expert : He has expertise in various kinds of Constructions including Residential, Commercial, Industrial etc. and is well versed with ISO standards for Quality, Environmental and OSHAS.

Our Services:

  • We strive to provide our clients with exceptional value and the highest level of service & quality using our team of builders, contractors and Material suppliers in the construction industry, firmly based on IS standards and specifications.
  • My Home My Design : is made amazing through metal fabrication, plumbing services, flawless interior decoration, builder’s idea of perfection and customer home building management.
  • We will suggest/ deploy the right vendors, manufactures, suppliers based on their services, credibility in the industry, experience, their uninterrupted supply and genuineness of the products etc.
  • We also have number of builders, developers, contractors, specialized agencies to carry out all types of construction works irrespective of its quantity wholly or partly.

Why Choose Us:

Experience of construction services beyond our work, customer satisfaction and flawless execution of plan, makes us the best exterior and interior service providers and project quality consultant in the city.

Qualified Workers:

  • Getting the job done by our qualified, expert workers in a guaranteed and safest manner.
  • Working towards the perfection.
  • Excellence, as the asset to success and perfection of our workers.

Proficient Customer Satisfaction:

  • Building a reliable and friendly relationship with our clients, helps us to improve the quality of work as well as the credibility for a long lasting communication.
  • Providing timely deliveries and incorporating efforts, using core values of management team.

Construction Auditing:

 Quality Audits is a part of project quality consultant will be done from our end for all types of building constructions by the following ways:


A: Personnel visiting to the project site:

  • By personnel visiting to the project site (which is highly advantageous) and conducting detail site auditing by observations, records, giving suggestions, ideas for improvements
  • Photos : Taking actual photographs for supporting Quality, Workmanship and safety aspects
  • Videos : Taking short videos, wherever required for important activities
  • After auditing , Quality rating and reports will be submitted through soft copy
  • Bright chances for improvements in areas will be suggested.
  • Publishing Glimpses of Audit reports with photos and videos in our WEBSITE.
  • The same glimpses will be published and shared in Social Media also.

 B: In- absentia of Personnel visit to the project site:

Here we will collect the following necessary details from project site.

  • All Material test certificates from NABL
  • MTC for available materials
  • In house test reports, documents with PMC and Clients signature
  • Quality check lists, pour cards, safety checklists, permits
  • Actual photos of works, highlighting Quality and workmanship with Long shots, medium shots and close up view showing all minute detail with full Clarity.
  • Photos : Actual photos of works, highlighting Safety and Environmental aspects with Long shots, medium shots and close up view showing all minute detail with full Clarity.
  • Videos : Shots Videos for Activities (1 -3 minute duration only) from starting of work, during progressing stage and completion or finishing stage of particular activity.
  • Publishing Glimpses of supplied Audit data reports with photos and videos in our WEBSITE.




  • For Flat buyers, villa buyers, the Quality auditing services will be done from our end, from starting of construction till handing over the key by builders to flat owners at all stages.
  • Snag lists: Detailed snag lists will be prepared after thorough inspection at site, reports will be submitted to the owner as well as to the concerned Engineer in charge at all stages.
  • Rectification or reworks inspection and follow ups from the previous snags.
  • Suggestion and ideas will be given for early completion of snags.
  • Assuring Quality Material and Quality finishing at all levels of construction through a team of project quality consultant and engineers.

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