My Spiritual Home

  • A thought came into my mind that, apart from sharing construction knowledge, I should devote some time for spiritual things too.
  • Being an ardent disciple of well-known spiritual organisation from past 21 years, practicing meditation and its principles, I thought, it is right time and platform to share my views.
  • Here am going to utilize these pages for content of Spirituality, mainly collection of many great Masters, their sayings, quotations, services towards mankind etc.
  • Events and gatherings of spirituality, Importance of our culture, religion, customs of heritage in our country.
  • Readers are  welcome to share sayings and thoughts of spirituality, photos, videos etc. relevant to the content.
  • Readers are also welcome to share meaningful moral short stories of Ramayan, MahaBharath, Bhagavadgeetha etc in relevant to the content.