Construction Material Auditing

• Construction material auditing in Bangalore or anywhere plays significant role of auditing in the construction industry. As we all know, for any construction, the material component involved is 70- 75% and the labour part is 25-30%.
• Therefore, at the time of materials being delivered to the site or afterwards,thorough inspection is absolutely required by checking,testing and certifying before the actual construction starts, based on civil engineering standards.
• For this procedure to be implemented at site, a permanent quality engineer should be deployed at all times, in the construction site.
• In addition to this, a third party professional agency which conducts construction materials auditing in Bangalore or anywhere is required to scrutinize, inspect, check and certify the materials at different stages of substructure, superstructure and finishing works. This agency should be unbiased, prompt,highly experienced and should have good exposure of construction materials and activities.
• Exactly matching these aspects, a well organised construction services company called My Home My design is doing construction materials auditing in Bangalore.
• These are the following steps taken by the construction service – My Home My design:

Construction material auditing in Bangalore or anywhere is part of  all civil construction works plays very important role in construction industry, society and as well as in public life.

  • This construction material auditing  for buildings of any category whether it is for industrial, public,  residential, or commercial construction, has to be tackled carefully by utilizing complete engineering knowledge, IS standards, field experience, usage of quality materials and by reliable professional agency, or team of people in the following manner.
  • Construction material auditing in Bangalore  is a process in which all Materials being used for construction, to be frequently tested as per specification and standards and also as per QAP. Obtain the same Test Certificates from reputed NABL Accredited labs and submit to the chief Auditor of My Home My design (AMHMD) for inspection.
    E.g. For  Cement, Aggregates, M sand, Plastering sand, Steel, Binding wire, Structural steel, Solid blocks, Bricks, RMC, admixtures, Chemicals, Bonding agents, UPVC pipes, windows, doors, Plywood, shuttering oil, Teak wood, All Tiles, Granite, Marble, Gypsum boards, Brass pipes, Sanitary pipes, fixtures, electric wires, pipes, switches, cables, Fasteners, bolts, nuts, rivets, shuttering materials, scaffolding materials, all types of tools and equipment, calibration certificates etc.
  • All Materials Manufacturing Test Certificates (MTC) must be received at the time of their delivery to the project site. Submit the same to the Auditor (AMHMD) for inspection.  E.g. All Materials mentioned above.
  • All In- house ( Field Lab) tests conducted for construction material auditing in Bangalore or anywhere are Cement, aggregates, M sand, P sand, RMC, steel, solid blocks, bricks, Tiles, Granite, marble etc. These have to be maintained by reports, registers and printed formats with Updated signatures from QA, Project Engineer, PMC Engineer and Client’s representative which needs to be scrutinized.
  • Checking of Client’s list and material supplied for reputed clients and their projects
  • Any awards, recognition and any other useful supporting information pertaining to material supplying will be highlighted and appreciated.
  • Work order, PO etc. value of Materials supplying is highly appreciable, where checking will be necessary.
  • Actual Photos of works, highlighting Quality and workmanship with Long shots, medium shots and close up view showing all minute detail with full Clarity will be taken.
  • Actual photos of works, highlighting Safety and Environmental aspects with Long Shots, medium shots and close up view showing all minute detail with full Clarity will be taken.
  • Shots Videos for Activities (1 -3 minute duration only) from starting of work, during, progressing stage and completion or finishing stage of particular activity will be taken.
  • Any innovative ideas, methods, cost savings implemented in construction will be highlighted.
  • Any unique feature of the product/Material submittal will be recognized.
  • like this, many points will be considered for construction material auditing in Bangalore or anywhere.


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