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How to Install Tiles?

Handy Guide - How to lay Floor Tiles?

Preparatory work before starting Tiling for walls and floors:
  • While unloading tiles from vehicle, care should be taken to see that all floor tiles and wall tiles to be unloaded “Handle with Care” properly in carton boxes without any damages to tiles inside the boxes.
  • Always tiles shall be stacked on edges on levelled floor or platform in accurate rows and layers. At any cost, tiles should not be stacked in horizontal or flat positions, which result in more damages of tiles.
  • Tiles of various categories like floor tiles, wall tiles, skirting tiles, printed tiles etc. depending upon its size and thickness to be stacked separately in consignment wise. If this is to be done, then there won’t be any possibilities of mixing of different batches of tiles.
  • Along with tiles delivered to the project site, it is important to check the standards and specifications of tiles by obtaining Manufacture’s Test Certificate (MTC) for all kinds of Tiles.
  • Floor tiles to be carefully transported by manually or by wheel barrows to the place of tiling and then opened from cartons. Open the boxes as per the required quantity and unused tiles to be replaced with same boxes only.

Trowels, plumb bobs, right angle, tile cutting machine, cutting blade, pans, spade, Measuring boxes, Metal tray, level tube , Measuring tape, hammer, chisel, aluminium straight edge, brushes, sponge, bucket, broom, Line thread, spirit level, sand sieve, wooden mallet, PVC beadings, wheel barrows, spacers

Preparatory works : How to lay floor tiles on Concrete?

  • The concrete surface of the floor where floor tiles being laying, is to be thoroughly chipped, cleaned, washed using pressure water, so that it should free from all dust, loose material, dead mortar, waste concrete, extra projections etc.
  • All ceramic and terracotta floor tiles should be immersed in water for 12 hours before laying.

Cement Mortar mixing :

  • Cement mortar is to be prepared in the ratio of 1:3 and restrict the thickness of mortar to 25 mm maximum.

How to lay floor tiles on uneven floor ?

  • Any uneven surfaces in the flooring level, to be brought to the level surface with respect to the flooring reference pads (careful supervision is required from time to time).

  • The extra thickness to be covered in screed concrete of M 15 grade before the regular mortar spread for laying.

Laying of Floor Tiles : How to put tiles on the floor?

  • After spreading the mortar up to 25 mm thick, levelling and tamping to be done using spirit level, level tubes and aluminium straight edge.
  • Start placing floor tiles at all four corners using reference pads for level and fixing line thread firmly between tiles for alignment.
  • Spread the cement slurry with good consistency for two rows of tiles, so that tiles works in that area can easily finished within 30 minutes of its initial setting time.
  • Continue the floor tiles laying till the end of room likewise, using regular tamping by wooden or rubber mallet, either with spacers for joints or without for paper joints finishing as per drawings.
  • After the completion of tiles laying, clean the joints properly with a brush or sponge, to remove the extra mortar before it dries up.
  • Floor Tiles can also be laid without mortar bed (over existing flooring, or dry levelled mortar bed) using tiles adhesive without or with spacers depending on the requirement.
  • The area of 1 square metre is advisable at a time for adhesive application over the floor surface.
  • Maintain the regular slopes in bathroom, kitchen, utility and balcony areas for smooth flow of water over the tile surface.
  • Before doing tiles work in bathroom all grouting and waterproofing work for sunken floor should be completed in all respects.
  • Caution: Allow tiles for a period of 24 hours setting time before grouting of tile joints. It is highly advisable not to walk on the freshly laid tiles surface before it is completely set.

Joints of tiles and grouting works :

  • The joints of all types of tiles namely vitrified, ceramic or any other floor tiles, requires to be filled with a reputed non shrink water proofing filler material.
  • For the effectiveness of grout, use appropriate rubber squeeze brand and filled to the full depth of tile joint.
  • Take out surplus grout repeatedly using wet sponge, otherwise it is very difficult to remove the same, when once it has been allowed to harden.
  • See that, all other works are completed before the grouting of tiles, grouting is considered to be the final activity and can be taken up before final coat of painting works.

Skirting works :

  • For skirting works using vitrified or ceramic tile, the wall surface and tile surface should be flush with 4 mm wide pre groove.
  • Always avoid using cut tiles for wall skirting, unless otherwise, skirting tiles are factory made and delivered with chamfered edges.
  • If consultant permits, it is better to use Granite or marble skirting for more durability.
  • Curing to be done for all tiling works and joint filling works for 3 days
Cement mortar bed leveling for floor tiles
Floor tile laying over cement mortar bed
Floor tile laying completion including skirting tiles
Floor tiles protection by covering sheets with joint tape

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