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How to Make Window Grill? Window Grill Fabrication

Fabrication works

The purpose of this method statement is to explain the steps of fabrication works for window grill, railings, gates etc. by systematic practice guidelines set as per specification and standards.

winches, Abrasive wheels, PPE’s, Helmets, Safety shoes, Hand gloves, Welding Shield, Goggles, safety belt, barricade, Chisels, Cutting machine, Cutting blades, Steel cutting disk, cutting torches, Hack saw, oxy fuel torches, cutters, water jet cutters, laser cutter, hammer, press brakes, Rivets, bolts, nuts, threaded fasteners, welding machine, welding rods, cable wire, CNC punch, brush.

Access platforms, Lifting ropes, winches, chain block, props, Platform with guard rails, Trowels, Chipping tools, hammer, chisel, Right angle, Marker, Line thread, Sand Sieve , spirit level, Tube levels, Plumb bobs, Measurement Tape, straight edge, Spirit levels etc.

  • First Aid : First-Aid measures should be available in the site during fabrication works and also for fixing at site.
  • PPE : Ensure that all the safety Personnel protective equipment (PPE) like safety helmet, welding shield, Nose mask, Cotton hand gloves, safety goggles, and safety shoes, safety belts are provided to all workers.
  • Cranes : Use safe lifting technique by mechanical means (Chain and pulley) or Cranes for heavy structure and sufficient man power for Window grill, Gates, Railings etc. handling and placing at required heights and levels.
  • Always refer updated approved “Good for Construction” drawings for fabrication window grill design.

Preparation works :

  • If the fabrication works are done at project site, a 3 phase electrical connection with suitable working platform must be provided.
  • The materials being used for the fabrication works should be of good quality, and free from cracks, defective edges, surface flaws and rough texture.
  • All the joints of members should be properly welded from both sides.

Window grill fixing : How to make window Grills?

  • Before commencing the window grill fixing, civil works including all window jams, sills, corners, inside and outside plaster should be completed.

Granite Coping,Drilling and Grinding works :

  • It is better to complete granite stone coping also, before grills or railing works, so that cutting of granite can be avoided.
  • By means of drilling holes gently over granite surface, railing vertical legs can be easily fix including grouting.
  • Extra weld should be grinded off, and grinding should be within limits, otherwise excess grinding results in weaken the joints.
  • After grinding work for the edges completed, metal paste filling to be done for edges, gaps and all corners.

Painting works :

  • Allow the metal paste to completely dry and using reputed emery paper, sanding to be done to the nearest perfection.
  • Always avoid chamfered or scaled edges and ensure all joints to be in perfect plane and right angles.
  • Check the dimensions of the opening by using right angle before fixing the window grill, it is always better to take site measurement for grill making, in order to avoid uneven gaps between grill and wall.
  • Apply one coat of reputed brand of metal primer (Zinc oxide primer) using brush or sprayer before grills being fixed in position.
  • Ensure Brackets or side supports or hold fasts are placed in position before fixing the railings or grills.
  • Enamel Painting for grills and handrails to be done in two coats, after the completion of external wall painting works.
  • It is highly advisable to use Anchor bolts for concrete or block masonry instead of coach screw.

Rosette :

  • Follow the Rosette detail as per drawing for all holdfasts embedded into wall and floor.
  • Rosette should be painted by keeping it away from the wall and after its completely drying pushed to fix in its position using spot adhesive.

Finishing works :

  • All cement mortar spillage stuck to MS works should be cleared after the day’s work. It is good and safe practice to cover the window grill with a suitable plastic cover before the plastering works.
  • Advice: Don’t select window grill with very complicated design with many curves, as it is not only a challenging task to clean but also difficult to remove rust at the time of repainting.
  • Caution: Fixing grills for external face of the building is not at all advisable from the safety and appearance point of view and also by exposing weather conditions, its durability gets reduced. Further it is very difficult to replace, servicing and paint the window grill which requires scaffolding at additional cost.
  • Caution: The head of steel screws should not be visible on the window grill or protruding out by surface, it should be inserted and tightened in counter hole fully, so that screws cannot be removed easily by any strangers.
  • Tips: Use steel screws always for installing M.S grill as they firmly withheld the grill in position permanently and does not rust easily.
Window grill after primer work
MS pipe grinding work
Primer for MS pipe
MS door with grills fixed
Entrance gate with grill design
Entrance gate with MS sheet
Folded plate metal staircase
Window grills fixed in position
Staircase handrail fixing
Garage gate after painting

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