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Our Services

Our Services

We have a panel of reputed brands of manufactures, dealers, vendors, suppliers of all materials in the construction industry, firmly based on IS standards and specifications. We will suggest/ deploy the right vendors, manufactures, suppliers based on their services, credibility in the industry, experience, their uninterrupted supply and genuineness of the products etc. We also have number of builders, developers, contractors, specialized agencies to carry out all types of construction project management irrespective of its quantity wholly or partly, while following IS standards, specifications, QAP and based on the methodology of activities explained clearly in this WEBSITE across the country.

We have tied up with specialised agencies for Earthwork, Shuttering, Reinforcement works, structural steel work; water proofing works, Fabrication, painting, flooring, interior works, Electrical and plumbing works are available across the country.

  • Design/Bid/Build (General Contractor)
  • Construction Manager at Risk
  • Construction Manager Agency
  • Design-Build
  • Design-Assist

Construction project management:

The steps that help in the construction Project management of the company, are based on a complete plan of pre-construction, post-construction as well as the construction periods. In all these stages the number of steps involved and enhanced is based on the mechanism of type of project. For home construction, interior decoration and exterior decoration we have qualified staff looking after your homes & their issues.

The construction Project management involve; preliminary site assessments, determination of best suited delivery method, conceptual cost estimating, preliminary schedule development & milestone establishment, anticipated cash flow projections, life cycle cost analysis, multi-facility phasing evaluation.

Services :

We offer services, guidelines, suggestions, and inspections, Quality checks by providing our Freelance “Quality Engineers” as part of our construction services for residential buildings, Apartments, small projects, and specific job works. We also take enrollment of all reputed suppliers, vendors, dealers, contractors, builders, developers who actively participate and contribute their services of at least 5 -10 years’ experience, into our panel. We also welcome new vendors, innovators and their new concepts in the construction field.

Quality Audits :

Quality Audits is again a part of construction services will be done from our end for all types of building constructions by visiting project sites, making detail observations, suggesting improvements for Quality, Safety and Environment aspects. If all the parameters are meeting our expectations, IS standards and specifications of construction management and also followed strictly the methodology explained in this WEBSITE, particular project is published in this site through PROJECT AUDIT REPORT that contains information, photos and videos.

Our customers count on us due to our quality, perfection, trust in doing the best, values and most of all our passion to achieve the best out of every project/ task assigned. Our pride resides in providing unblemished execution of our projects throughout the history of our construction services.

Getting the job done by our qualified, expert workers in a guaranteed and safest manner. Working towards the perfection. Excellence as the asset to success and perfection the base of our Construction project management including workers.

CONTACT FORM : Building a reliable and friendly relationship with our clients helps us improve the quality of work as well as the credibility for a long lasting communication. Providing timely deliveries and incorporating efforts for an unbreakable bond formation using core values of our construction services team. Send your necessary details through the CONTACT form.Freelance Quality Engineers having at least 5 years’ experience in construction field submit their details through CONTACT FORM.


Our workers go through a rigorous training for safety measures. Our prices, craftsmanship and quality of work are unbeatable. We have licensed riggers, NYFD Certified Fire Guards and NYFD Certified Torch Roof System Installers. We provide a minimum 5 year company warranty on roofing jobs. We also provide the Schuler NDL Guarantee. Our staff is trained to work with materials from all the major Manufacturers. Including but not limited to:

  • Construction Project management
  • Custom home builders
  • Builders
  • Plumbing services
  • Concrete suppliers
  • Metal fabrication
  • New construction homes,
  • House builder
  • Home interior design
  • Interior decoration
  • Construction equipment

Building yours… :

Feeling the impact of My Home My Design beyond our work, excellence in work, customer satisfaction and flawless execution of plan are making us the best exterior and interior designing/ service providers in the city. With a well-respected track record behind us, and a solid outlook ahead, we’ve learned that our collaborative experience with a variety of projects under our construction services creates exceptional solutions and results for our clients, no matter what they are building. From educational spaces to industrial/manufacturing facilities to multi-level commercial buildings and ‘the heart and soul of our business is building yours’.

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